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Straight To You Talk Radio

Straight To You Talk Radio

Straight Talk is a news and public affairs program focused on issues affecting Africans, Nigerians and Ndigbo both in our homeland and in the diaspora. This program which is sponsored by Igbo American Heritage Foundation is built on the Igbo philosophy of “eziokwu bu ndu” (Truth is the essence of life or Truth is life). In the traditions of our fathers, we will be truthful, honest and frank in reporting every news, telling every story and discussing every issue. To avoid the problems of a single story, our panelists will examine and discuss various topics and issues from diverse perspectives to find the path forward or a better way to live.

Our panelists will listen to and learn from each other as we inform and educate our audiences. In the spirit of “Ibe zim ako” we will seek to inform and be informed by our audiences. We hope to inspire a paradigm shift in the way our audiences think, live, work and play.

We covet and cherish your comments, inputs, disagreements and corrections as you listen to our programs. We ask that we keep our conversations civil and constructive with the understanding that “uche onye a dighi ya njo” (Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion) and “uche bu akpa” (You can only contribute what you know).

Straight talk Radio comes to you every Tuesday 9.00 to 10.00 PM and Saturday 4.00 pm to 5 pm CST on WGHC 98.3 FM – Your Voice, Your Music, Your Station

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