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Foster Responds To Amiwala’s Personal Attacks

Skokie, IL, 08-Mar-2018 – What follows is a statement, verbatim from Daniel Foster, Candidate for the Cook County Board of Commissioners in District 13. This is a response to personal attacks made by Bushra Amiwala, one of his opponents.

“It has recently come to my attention that my opponent, Ms. Amiwala, has been making personal attacks against me on social media. I’m deeply disappointed and saddened by these attacks in what otherwise is a substantive campaign between myself and Commissioner Suffredin. Ms. Amiwala has publicly called me a liar, weak, and insecure. I want to be clear that these are personal character judgements on Ms. Amiwala’s part, and do not constitute a substantial criticism of my positions, background, or policy proposals. I want to briefly clear up a few attacks Ms. Amiwala has recently made against me, both on social media and during the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum this past Saturday [March 3].

“Firstly, I want to make it clear that I have never slandered Ms. Amiwala. By her own admission she campaigned on behalf of Republican Senator Mark Kirk during the 2016 elections, and was encouraged to run by Republicans participating in the Mark Kirk campaign. When she approached the local Evanston Democratic Party about running, they asked her not to run.

“Ms. Amiwala is opposed to our County’s universal $13 minimum wage, and our County’s law providing universal paid sick and family leave in all villages and cities that have not opted out of the provision. Ms. Amiwala has supported Governor Rauner’s proposed property tax freeze, which here in Illinois is akin to a freeze in education funding. In her written statement to the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, Ms. Amiwala proposed using public money to purchase corporate stock, which I would characterize as a massive corporate giveaway. This history, and these positions, place Ms. Amiwala firmly in line with Cook County Republicans, not Cook County Democrats, and as a result I have pointed out during official functions of the Democratic Party that she seems to be running in the wrong party’s primary election.

“Ms. Amiwala has also inaccurately stated that I do not understand her positions because my family and I have never been involved in small business. The fact of the matter is that not only did my parents own a small business here in Illinois for over a decade, but I have also started up and ran a not-for-profit of my own during 2012 and 2013. This again is Ms. Amiwala making a personal judgement about me and my family, seemingly without knowing the facts.

“Ms. Amiwala has claimed that I have slandered her during this election. This claim is absolutely false. If I have spoken inaccurately about Ms. Amiwala, and I don’t believe I have, I would have done so only by mistake – which would not constitute slander. Furthermore, these claims seem to be in regard to the fact that the Amiwala For Cook County Board campaign has violated Illinois’s campaign finance laws. I stand by these prior statements, and would point out that Ms. Amiwala continues to be in violation of our State’s campaign finance laws, particularly 10 ILCS 5/9-9.5, which is designed to prevent money from being spent anonymously to influence politics in Illinois.

“None of these factual statements about Ms. Amiwala’s policies or campaign functions are meant to be personal attacks. What I have done is point out substantive policy disagreements between myself and Ms. Amiwala.

“I am very sad to hear that Ms. Amiwala thinks that her policies, political history, and method of campaigning should be off limits. My campaign is focused entirely on substance, not style, and we believe that these substantive differences are something voters should know about. I challenge Ms. Amiwala to apologize for these personal attacks, and to stick only to policy differences and the issues in the remaining days of this campaign.”

Daniel Foster is a candidate for the Cook County Board of Commissioners in District 13. He grew up in Evanston and Wilmette, attending public school from K – 12. He earned his BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He currently lives with his husband Jordan in Skokie. Daniel is the only candidate pledging to serve the people of the 13th District full time.

For more information: Daniel Foster, Candidate, 847-867-4912,