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About Us

As the first African Immigrant-owned and operated terrestrial radio station in North America, our mission is first to provide broadcast media for the underserved African and Afro-descendant communities in the northern neighborhoods of Chicago and beyond. Secondly, we work to be involved in the community as a positive factor for development through informative, engaging, programming and activities.

As young leaders with a passion for people, we have always been committed to organizing our community. We hope to provide them with resources and education that may be available to their benefits. We have also dedicated to helping the poor, needy, vulnerable, and desolate with our resources and raising funds for their well-being. This passion gave birth to WGHC, which first started as an online radio station. The same passion caused us our professional careers and negatively impacted on our family and social lives 6 years ago even till this day. We, however, intend to achieve our goals and mission by coining educative and positive messaging through our shows and community events. Started online broadcast in 2001 and gained official FM dial in 2016.

As a non-political and non-sectarian organization Legend/WGHC produces or hosts a wide variety of multicultural public affairs and music programs for a diverse population of loyal listeners comprised of community residents, small business owners, and independent artist from throughout Metropolitan Chicago. The station also sponsors a diverse selection of festivals, concerts, public affairs forums, and special events that are designed to be both culturally informative as well as entertaining.

As Legend/WGHC seeks to popularize and preserve our cultural forms of expression, which are often overlooked by commercial “mainstream” media, we are constantly developing better, more relevant programming in addition to upgrading production/broadcast equipment. As a non-profit organization, we are always in need of support from listeners like you to unite with us as we strengthen our capacity to better reach and serve our community.



4554 North Broadway, Suite 330, Chicago IL 60640